Black Desert (A review too soon…)

Now, I am not actually going to review this game here. Though I am sure you’ll be able to get a feeling on what I think of the game by reading this, my intentions here are actually to complain about folks posting reviews of Black Desert who openly admit to having only scratched the surface of the game, and yet give the final verdict or assign it a score. Good or bad, I think this game requires much more time and effort to appropriately form an opinion.

So, Black Desert launched in NA and EU a little over a week ago now. Maybe up to two weeks. I was a day or so late waiting on a friend of mine to let me use his 7 day trial. I had not played a “sand box” mmo before, but I was intrigued by the idea that the main narrative and majority of the activities you would do each day are almost completely up to you as the player. No more quest chains that are perfectly designed to take you to each end of the map at just the right level, and huge set pieces to frame the events taking place.

Instead this game promised  to be almost a life simulator… just with Elves and Goblins tossed in for good measure. You are pretty much free to decide what you feel like doing, and then it is on you to find the tools and means to get that done. Want to build a ship and go sail the sea and catch fish? Yep. Invest in the port town, spend a day or two gathering resources, then hire some workers to construct the parts needed. It will take about 3 days for a semi casual like myself, but even serious no-lifers will have to wait as the ships are build in real time. Took 22 minutes per log to build my raft, and I needed 25 logs. what is that… nearly 10 hours? not to mention gathering the materials needed.

And this is just the raft. There are Ferries, Fishing Boats, Guild ships, each requiring more materials, or even a city with a better Ship Building facility.

I know that was a bit long winded, but that is just one tiny aspect of the game, and you need to be able to gather wood and stone, have enough contribution points (a currency you spend on workers and trade routes) to buy workers and their lodging in the city, AND have a high enough fishing ability to make this worth it. And all the trades are like this! The game does not just let you level a cooking skill, the game lets you BE a cook. or a hunter, a gatherer, a fisher, or a market specialist. Form trade routes and study the economy of the different cities (yes, different cities pay different amounts for goods so it’s best to form trade routes and ship goods to the various towns.)

So I guess my point is that it dipping your toe into a game as vast as this and then turning around and writing a review saying “7/10 not sure if the game will work without any endgame, but the combat was fun for a while… if a little grindy” is totally undervaluing the game or the gamer’s time.

I saw someone mention on the reddit, I think, (and I am paraphrasing here) say that it isn’t that Black Desert doesn’t have ‘endgame’, it’s that it lets you into the end game the moment you start your character. So folks who have always played games like WoW or FFXIV with traditional raids and hardcore dungeons will probably rush to the soft level cap of 50 in Black Desert and then say there is nothing to do. But that does not make it true. The only thing getting to 50 (well it unlocks at 45 I suppose) is you are flagged for pvp any time you are out of a safe zone. Otherwise, a level 10 and a level 55 have the same things to work toward.

How is that not fantastic design? Want to build a shipping empire? Go ahead! We wont even make you wade through 100 hours of level grinding just to start!

That is not to say that Black Desert is without fault, and I am certainly not an overhyped fanboy. I have had my share of issues with the game and I have seen and experience a few bugs and some odd interactions. I will be keeping a close eye on that cash shop as well, I know the usual worry is pay to win, but my concern is the price itself. A $30 costume does feel a bit greedy, and I am constantly annoyed that if you want to buy something that’s $35, you need to buy $50 worth of the currency since they limit your options for amounts.

But, that being said, I have not played even close to enough to write a true review of the game. There is so much to do, and even more that is coming in the next several months as we catch up to the Korean version of the game.

I am just so tired of reviews being rushed out the door incomplete or rushed. Especially for games as huge as Black Desert.



Noro and I did something….

So yeah… we did something :P. With a lot of people missing from FFXIV right now as people have been moving and taking a break waiting for new content, a lot of our friends have been branching out to other games, one of which is Blade and Soul. Now, I’d heard them go on and on about it, but I never gave it a glance…. until recently. After seeing some people from the ARK:Survival Evolved group that I play with rant and rave about it, Noro and I decided to look up some stuff on it. The trailor looked pretty good, so I looked up some streamers on twitch to see what it was like. It seemed just as action combat focused as Wildstar without the telegraphs and trinity. HMMMM…. it’s completely free to play, so Noro and I said, sure! We decided to give it a try. Yesterday we downloaded the game and gave it a shot. We sat down at about 8:30pm and before I knew it, Noro was telling me it was almost midnight :P. It was a lot of fun. I went in with no expectations or ideas of what I was getting into.

Tonight, we played a for a little bit longer. It’s a lot of fun :D. We’re both level 10 and having a blast. 😀 So meet Zoei Motokawa.

I don’t have a lot of time to write out my full thoughts on the game so far, so look forward to that in the near future. I should really be writing campaign stuff for tomorrow’s Dungeon World game [I’m currently GMing a campaign in Dungeon World. Look for more stuff on that at a later date :D]

Happy Gaming! Cheers! ❤


I saw an interesting post on Google+ relating to FFXIV yesterday. They said they saw in an interview that someone at Square Enix made a mention of how XIV is nearing the halfway point of its life-expectancy. I’m not sure I agree with that, but most of the other posters on THAT comment interpreted it a lot different. Then, in the post, this person went on to ask what classes should be put in the second game (or added into XIV later).

Most of the comment replies said there was no way that FFXIV was about to end. Heavensward is about to end and they’ll spend a few patches setting up the next story arc for 4.0… but they didn’t acknowledge the main point.

I think the OP meant more along the lines of Overall Life Expectancy. Start to finish… big picture kind of thing and idk… MAYBE it could almost be half way… probably not though. I mean, they only have one expansion, unless you count ARR but I think most folks don’t. not to mention, latest count on subs puts them over 5 million, meanwhile WoW (which has made it more than 10 years) is dwindling down around 6.5 million. I mean, let’s be real, Final Fantasy is about to surpass WoW in sub numbers. Do you really think SE will call it quits after 5 years with THAT kind of audience? No, probably not. That being said, SE does have something holding them back that will need to be dropped soon, in my opinion.

I think ps3 is limiting their options on pushing forward, and I think the end is likely coming for that console. Even Heavensward runs like crap on a ps3. I see Zoei struggle with that pretty often. It is pretty much only good for gathering materials, and the occasional farm of some certain content. She can’t heal it though, whatever content she does. The lag and the graphic stuttering are just too much to get past for her white mage. It just looks like this is something they’ll need to drop support for pretty soon. Maybe not take support away entirely, but make the next expansion not available for ps3 and lock those zones? I don’t know, and I won’t pretend to have those answers.

As for what they’ll ADD… I didn’t play XI but I would be really interested in this Dancer class. Sounds like a really interesting thing. Apparently it was a healer that danced folks back to full health? Maybe I’m wrong on that one, but the theory is cool and I think it could be an interesting addition. Puppet Master is one I see every once in a while. It sounds cool, but risky. Summoners already complain that their pets are hard to keep control on, and too much of their dps is attached to the Egi. Can you imagine a class where nearly 100% of the dps is from the pet?? Oh man.

This is, of course, not to mention the overwhelming call for Red and Blue mages in XIV.

I know XIV has drawn pretty heavily from some of the old games (Is it IV V and VI?) as far as classes go, so maybe something more like the synergist and saboteur “classes” from XIII? One that specializes is buffs and boons, another that is almost 100% debuffs.

The thing that is scary about cool unique classes like this, for me, is there are a lot of places in the game now that would be really tough on a party where one of the dps slots were filled by a class that did little to no dps but just augmented the damage done by the rest of the party. Dps checks would be a nightmare… and if you got both??? Ugh…

My brother and I had a long conversation about this when a post on the reddit blew up about the Red Mage coming to XIV and how they would implement it.

Lots of folks seemed to think that you would need to add a 5th slot to the duty finder for this “support” role, and add Red Mage, MCH, and BRD into it. I suppose if they did that, then I can see this being more geared to the Synergist and Saboteur type of roll I’d like to see.

BUT, then you’d suddenly need a serious rebalance of all the previous content to add a 5th player into it… account for dps checks, puzzles and traps… all that stuff. I think a fair way around this would be to add the 5th slot to content going forward. Pre 4.0 content could remain unchanged, and then 4.0 forward would allow that 5th slot. (Plus a 9th slot… maybe even a 10th slot for the new raid content…)

Frankly THIS is why I would suck as a Dev. People want all this new stuff… but hate all the options on how to implement it. Everyone seems to want a Red Mage, but no one can agree on what roll it would fill, or how to make it fill multiple roles. It can’t be as powerful as a White Mage AND a Black Mage AND a Melee dps class, but it also can’t really be the jack-of-all-trades that the Red Mage is in some of the old games because those were all about party composition and such, while an MMO doesn’t focus so much on that. Sure, balancing a party is a good move for any raid team, but at the same time, a class that is just “OK” at filling multiple roles, but isn’t good enough to outright replace another class in a pinch isn’t going to get picked up.

For a Red Mage to feel like the one in IV or VI, the MMO player is going to get left out of a lot of stuff.

But… all that being said… if folks could be okay with a class that felt different that the traditional Red Mage but still filled the same basic role, then I think there is an interesting class that could do exactly what this SHOULD be doing.

In The Secret World there is a very interesting class system where essentially you pick a pair of weapons and those become your class. So if you take machine gun and sword you become this high DPS badass, if you take the Hammer and a pistol you are a mage hunter type class…

But if you take the Blood magic and brass knuckles you become this really unique melee healer who heals allies based on your DPS output. So I thought about it…. And realized this could be the starting point for a FFXIV Red Mage.

What if the class starts out as a generic DPS class, right? Give them a rapier and an offhand focus or something. Make their first basic combo attacks do fire damage (like they were casting BLM spells from close range) a basic sword slash, then a Fire slash, then Firaga slash or something ( they can use this since it’s called Fire III in this game instead of Firaga) The second combo could be ice or lightning themed. It doesn’t matter for this discussion.

Then, at level 30 when the Job Skills usually start popping in, give them a buff (maybe kind of like Ninja’s Mudras) that redirects a percentage of damage they deal to an AOE heal. Not enough that the healer should be worried, but enough to keep the other DPS classes topped off (assuming no huge slip ups on their part). At 45 or 50 give them another one that lets them focus this healing percentage to the target of the target (would focus the tank more often than not)

These buffs would actually take a percentage of the damage dealt and reflect that as healing, maybe 10%? I don’t know, balance isn’t my thing, anyway, this would reduce the Red Mage’s damage for the duration of the skill, and you could either have it up indefinitely like Gauss Barrel where you toggle it on and off, or make it like a bard’s song and you can keep the buff up until you run out of mana? OR, you could do it more like a Dragoon jump, where it has a shorter effect but more potent with a long cooldown.

Like I said earlier, I’m no Dev, and I won’t pretend to know all the balance crap that would need to go into this. However, I think this would work out pretty well and be a pretty cool balance between both black and white mages.

wow reddit… just… wow…

-Perches on Soapbox-

You know… I’m so sick of folks who cannot seem to understand that no matter how strongly they feel about something, it doesn’t mean everyone feels the same way. People are different, and complicated, and yeah, sometimes stuff pisses you off. That doesn’t mean that you can make blanket statements that include me though!

The FFXIV reddit community should be ashamed of itself. I get it, it’s the internet and we all want to pretend we have a right to be belligerent and entitled all we want and no one who disagrees is allowed to ever say a word. But seriously… It’s time to fucking grow up.

I mean… Look at WoW. Everyone knows they have a terrible vitriolic community on their forums. The blizzard forums are a place you only dare go to read people trashing each other and Blizzard. That’s all that is there. A new player asks for advice and he/she is dog piled by haters saying that they should get the hell out of their game cause it sucks and you’ll never succeed, oh, and btw YOU suck now and YOU are the reason LFR sucks now, and YOU should go kill yourself because you rolled a DK and no one likes having those emo posers in their groups.

Diablo’s forums were the same way. After launch people were such entitled little bitches that they demanded the team be fired AND everyone who paid be returned their money AND that blizzard remake the game and provide it free of charge to everyone affected. And by modern standards, D3 was not bad at launch. Not great, I won’t lie about that… but it wasn’t worth the fuss it received.

Now, you might be thinking “But Noro, all that complaining and criticism lead to the overhaul of the game and the improvements added in Reaper of Souls. All that gave us the incredibly improved game we have available today.” Did it though? Do you think the Dev team looked at the forums and saw a bunch of entitled babies crying about a female model for Diablo and thought…? “Yeah…These guys get it… how did we not see this before?? FIX IT! FIX IT NAO!!!!”


I bet it took months and months of sorting through the rabble rousing looking for well thought out and constructive posts before they even had enough information to START to form a cohesive thought about where to begin improving the game.

This is where we are with FFXIV right now. The vocal minority of the game (and I say that because most folks in-game seem must more optimistic, even if they see these flaws) has called for all of us to cancel our subs. They want us to leave the game and back them in their call for SE to fail.

But why? Why would we want this game to die, just to prove a point about entitled people demanding more content? Doesn’t that seem counterproductive? In a world where MMOs are on their way out of popularity, do we really want one of the major ones to be crippled by some brats on the internet?

People keep comparing this game and it’s patch content to World of Warcraft and don’t seem to understand how that isn’t actually a fair assessment. They say that WoW has hundreds of bosses spread out across something like 40 dungeons, plus dozens of raids each with 4 levels of raid difficulty. And completely disregard that more than half of that content is only run by folks who are leveling up, and then it is NEVER seen again. By anyone. And the past raid content isn’t even run by folks who are leveling. It’s just forgotten. Maybe someone looking for a glamour piece will go solo it for a bit until they have the drop they wanted. But that’s really it. And yet these same people who forget that are saying that SE forgets about old content and so much of it (Like coils now) is completely irrelevant and should never be done… except that the game will sync you to the appropriate item level so that the content can remain relevant.

And when SE makes us do old content, like Law Farming or the new Anima grind, people get all riled up saying they are rehashing old content as a lazy excuse to not give us new stuff…..

I mean… for fuck’s sake… let’s not forget that yesterday’s patch is 3.15… it’s half a patch… it’s not the next major drop… it’s the mid-point to add the new relic quest… that’s really it. I mean, if this was 3.2 or even the final patch for the Heavensward expansion, I’d at least understand the annoyance… but this is just a patch for this one thing. It wasn’t meant to be a full size patch and was never advertised to be one. So why is everyone so up in arms about a lack of content?

I just… I don’t know… If you don’t like the game, don’t play it. If you’re feeling burned out, play something else for a while, you don’t even have to unsub if you don’t want to. If you don’t agree with the decisions the devs are making or the business model of the company, then maybe you should make the choice to not support them and leave the game. Vote with your wallet. But don’t hoist yourself up to an artificial place of power and call for everyone to rally behind you and demand that all 5 million players unsubscribe just because YOU aren’t happy with something. And do not pretend to know what someone else wants. You don’t. You’re wrong. I am not some fucking zombie that is going to base my likes and dislikes on some asshole on reddit.

-Gets off soapbox and puts it under the desk-

Okay… sorry. I check the reddit pretty much every day and while I typically ignore the negative posts, the number of awful, entitled, fear mongering assholes has grown exponentially since the patch notes came out yesterday. And when I saw that person calling for everyone to cancel their subs to send a solid message to SE… ugh… that shit just kills me.


Choose one, baby, your head or your heart

Okay, the title might be a bit dramatic… but it’s a good song. 😛

Tonight, I’m sitting here, realizing how long it has been since I last wrote here. Wow, btw. And yet I find myself at another crossroad and I figured writing about it might help. Maybe.

Since I left Final Fantasy a few months ago, I haven’t really thought much about going back. I see the screenshot and folks’ updates in my google+ window and I don’t really think anything of them. Frankly I didn’t really miss the game much at all.

I have been playing Guild wars 2 and Wildstar. both free to play, both pretty damn great. They have their flaws, of course, but for what they are, I love them both quite a bit.

I knew Zoe would go back though. To final fantasy I mean. She loved that game so much, and it was a really tough call for her to unsub for as long as she did. I’m glad though. I can tell she missed the boys, and healing, and controller support, and raiding, and a whole lot more.

She has put a lot more effort into trying to play wildstar than I expected. I know it’s rough for her. Those wounds are not fresh… but they were really deep. I appreciate her trying, but I know it wont last long. it’s double xp weekend over there, and she hasn’t logged in once. She’s trying, but it’s just not going to happen.

She was playing guild wars 2 as well with me. Mostly intrigued by the promise of healing on a druid. And while ANet did deliver.. technically… they didn’t really mention that the only part of the game where healing is viable (read: Needed at all) is raids… which are so easy most guilds had finished the first one in only a couple days. So while it is an option… it’s not a full time job. So it’s not going to happen there either.

My brother is also trying to play both games with me. Only problem? he’s gone and got himself a girlfriend who doesn’t really play MMOs. though she does play games like fallout, and even seemed to enjoy gw2 for a while. But he is so damn slow. mostly because he does a lot with her, including just sitting in his room on his laptop watching her play fallout. But I wont judge too much.

only real issue with this is that it’s getting kind of lonely. I don’t NEED to play the same game Zoe is. i’m not that needy or anything. But I have not found a guild in either game that is a good fit. I found a couple that I can use to get where I want to be in the game, but not one where folks actually talk and interact like they know each other, or at least give a shit. I say hi or yay or something in my wildstar guild and folks are honestly confused about why… I mean… that dude that just logged on, maybe I was saying hello to him? whatever…

And tonight was a strange event for me. I was logged into wildstar, doing my thing. (13-42 in like… 6 hours this weekend… seriously…) and I happened to look at the tv (she played on the ps3 for a bit) and saw her in a dungeon with Vel and Dirge… and I had a strange thought…


“would I rather play a game I love by myself, or a game I thought was ok with folks who I like being around?”

I logged out of wildstar shortly after. I don’t know if I want to come back to final fantasy yet. I really want to raid in wildstar and finally see some of that shit I have been missing for so long. and I would at least like to try the raids in GW2 for myself…

But how good will those be if I am with a pug? Or a even a guild run since those will feel just like pugs because I don’t know these people, and they don’t WANT to know me.

I miss Vel, I miss the boys, I miss gaming WITH my wife and not just next to her, and for what it is worth… I suppose I do kind of miss Final Fantasy.

Sad thing is, I know my brother wont come with me. He has said it a few times now, but he claims he will never again pay for an MMO sub. Claims there are too many good ones that you can play for free so there is no point in going to a sub game.

gonna have to sleep on this one I think….

“would I rather play a game I love by myself… or a game I thought was okay with folks who I like being around?”

What a Month


It’s been a hell of o a month. I wish I would have been able to update more, but a lot has changed around here. I’ll break it into categories 😀

So for starters, Noro and I started getting into the new story with Heart of Thorns in GW2. It’s been a lot of fun. I leveled my asura [Zee Kya] up, got most of Druid unlocked, and she is in full ascended gear now. Oddly enough though, I have spent most of my time in Magumma on my Reaper [Necro]. The Druid healing is awesome, but in PvE and open world, it’s not the greatest. It just doesn’t scratch that healing itch that I was hoping/looking for. That leads me to my next big game change. I have resubbed for FFXIV. I REALLY missed the boys and I missed healing/raiding. So, after talking to Noro, we decided that I should resub. So I am back in FF. It’s been nice. I’m not playing it exclusively or religiously. I show up a couple nights and week to do fun stuff and then I show up on raid nights. We will be taking down ThEX on Sunday which is awesomely exciting :D.

And it that wasn’t enough new gaming in my life, Noro and I have redownloaded Wildstar and have started playing. This was a very hard decision. Hard for a lot of reasons. Noro and I played Wildstar on the exile for a long time. We met some awesome people and really enjoyed our time. We started to get burned out and things got really rough… D: A lot of emotions where hurt and I spent a lot of time in the end crying and feeling awful. That is when we went to FFXIV. Now that Wildstar is Free-to-play, Noro wanted to check it back out. I was really really hesitant. We logged into our Exile characters and were guild-less [not shocked], friendless [incredibly sad] and had no idea where or what to do. I checked out my house and ran around for a bit, but I couldn’t handle it. The game looked fun to play and I knew it had hard end game content. Seeing my exile characters…. I lost it. I started crying and it was rough. But then, Noro and I talked and I realized that I was blaming the game for all the shit that had happened. It wasn’t the game’s fault. It was the people and the situation that made me cry myself to sleep for months. It wasn’t the game that made me feel lonely and isolated. Once I came to that understanding, I decided that I wasn’t going to let bad experiences ruin a really great game. This time around we have committed to start on the Dominion side. I really hate starting over, because I really want to get into the endgame content that I never got to do, but I could not handle being on my Zhilly or Onya. I’m giving the game a chance, but I don’t think I’m ready to be back on exiles. It’s too much for me at this point and I”m willing to admit it.

So Noro and I moved into our own place almost 2 months ago. I couldn’t be happier. The reasoning behind it sucked, but it’s great to be on our own again. 😀 I’ve had a hard time dealing with family and adjusting to not having my family around. It really sucked to have these major changes in my life and no one to talk about it with. I couldn’t pick up my phone and talk to my mom. I couldn’t call her. It was just too much. Recently though, as in today, I received a call from my mom. She wanted to invite me to go dress shopping with her and my sister and her daughter [my niece]. She also wanted to apologize and see if we could put everything behind us. She said that she missed me and hated not having her daughter. We talked some stuff and came to as good of an understanding that we could have. It feels like a huge weight has been lifted. I’m glad to have my family back, even if it’s only my immediate family. That’s all I need. I’m just relieved to have my mom back in my life. It sucks not having any family to turn to. I don’t know what I would do without my husband and my family. They’re everything to me. ❤

I’ve also been giving a lot of responsibility at work. I now do all of our pharmacy’s billing for our Emergency Drug Kits [both the PO/IM kits and Refrigerator kits] along with the Respiratory Emergency Kits. It’s a lot to deal with. I have to make sure that I bill the correct person for the medication they were given, make sure it’s dated for the right date and make sure that we have current orders/keep in constant contact with each facilities DoN [Director of Nurses]. I am the only tech that is trained to do this billing. The only other person who knows how to bill for our EDKs is the head pharmacist. So it’s a lot of responsibility to be given. I love doing it. It’s a lot of fun. It makes sure to keep me busy at work. I’ve also been training on doing Compounding. That’s where we make custom drugs for specific orders. Whether it’s crushing pills and mixing it with certain liquids to produce a new product, dissolving capsules into Sodium Bicarbonate, or mixing different ointments and creams to make custom topical, i get to learn how to make them all. Overall, work has been crazy stressful; we’re understaffed and overwhelmed with the work load. :/

So, it’s been a lot. I’m juggling 3 different MMO’s [although GW2 has been put towards the back of the list and game time]. So with all the gaming, I have some upcoming goals that I hope to hit within the upcoming weeks/months.

Final Fantasy:
-Get full drop from Void Ark for my WHM
-Take down ThEX with the boys
-Finally get AST and BRD to 60

-Hit 50 on my Spellslinger
-Get myself keyed for raids [thankfully we’re in a great guild that just started raiding and that are helping build their roster :D]
-Work my massive housing plot adventure.
-PvP and kick some Exile BUTTS!!

So I have a lot of stuff going on. I’m really excited though. I know I say it every time, but I will try to keep updating this blog. On the side panel, I’ll update character names and such for the games I play. If you ever see me online, feel free to say hello. I love meeting new people 😀

Cheers! Happy Gaming ❤

A Return to Tyria

So like I briefly touched on last post, Noro and I have been looking into playing Guild Wars 2 in our gaming absence; well, we have started new characters and are working through the game again.

For starters, WOW this game is FUCKING GORGEOUS! I swear. This is the prettiest game around. 😀
I mean, look at it

This place is amazing. This is a hidden spot in the Sylvari City called “The Grove”. People call this the Garden of Dawn. I mean… wow.

Secondly, I really like playing this game. I’ve missed it. Noro and I have started new characters [ones that we’re interested in the new specializations for] and have been playing with Noro’s brother and girlfriend. It’s been a blast. It has also allowed me to reconnect with my best friend Christian. I have been friends with him for 3 years and it’s so great to game with him again.

I’m running a ranger that I hope to one day soon turn into a druid. 😀 She’s a cute fucking asura 😀
Bow down to my cuteness.

I’m super tired and have to get up early for work, so I’ll write more later about thoughts and such.

Cheers! Happy Gaming!! ❤

Wow, Time Flies

So, wow life has been crazy. I feel awful for the lack of updates recently, but it really has been a whirlwind around here.

We had preparing for the September DR game, Noro’s brother moving back home after some personal issues and major life changes, Noro and I moving out and getting an apartment in a weeks time [and all the emotional crap that happened with my family], preparing for October’s DR game, getting things started for a DragonAge RPG game night, videogames and SO MUCH MORE. Damn it’s been crazy.

So besides all the crazy sruff, I’ve spent most of my videogame time playing Ark: Survival Evolved with the boys. I finally joined the main servers tribe, “Stonewall Survivors.” I have 1 full base built and started working on my new one closer to the mountains to get metal. My dinosaur collection is growing HUGE!! I really like that game. I think it’s a lot of fun and it’s really relaxing. 😀 Plus I love gaming with Mike and all the new people I’ve met.

I’m also about to dive back into Guild Wars 2. They recently opened up the free-to-play model over the buy-to-play [which doesn’t really effect me since I have owned the game for 3 years now].  My good friend Christian and Mikey have the expansion pack pre-ordered which is awesomely exciting having heard all the things coming. I’m not going to overhype myself or anything, but I really am looking forward to checking it all out. So Noro and I are looking to start playing, plus we have my brother-in-law and his friend :D. I’m really excited.

Other than that, it’s been a lot of personal stuffs and work.

I’ll try to be better with the updates, as much as I can. We don’t have internet yet at our new place, but hopefully this week we’ll get that taken care of :D.

Cheers! Happy Gaming! ❤

In Place of FFXIV

On Sunday, my subscription for FFXIV ended. It was a sad moment. 😦 To sedate my craving of gaming, I downloaded Pillars of Eternity

It’s a single player RPG, by true RPG standards. It’s really good, the story is great, the coloring/art style is just phenomenal 😀 I’m taking it really slow playing only a couple hours here and there. I may not play it much, but every time I play it, it captivates me and pulls me in 😀

ALSO, I’ve been playing a new sandbox game with some of the boys from FF. It’s awesome because it allows us to play together and have a blast. It’s called Ark: Survival Evolved.
The easiest way to describe it is Minecraft for adults with dinosaurs. 😀 You’re dropped on an island naked and you have to survive. You gather berries and other resources, level up and craft. There’s also a wide variety of animal life to hunt and even tame. I have 3 dilos [Dido, Fido, and Zhilli], a turtle [Henrietta], a pterodan [Lola], and a trike [Trevor]. 😀 Some are ride-able and they all help me gather supplies and mats/resources. I really like it. It’s in Early Access right now, but I’m hopeful for the future :D.

Besides all that, it’s been DR heaven over here. Lots of building weapons, sewing costumes, and making things 😀 Feel free to check out my LARP blog that I’m running with my husband. 😀 We’re trying to update it as much as we can, but we’ve been super busy.

Happy gaming! Cheers! ❤

The Best 4 Days in Gaming

Sorry for the radio silence on my end. It’s been a crazy couple of weeks. I did have some awesome stuff to share from a couple weekends ago. I meant to post this blog the day after, but like I said the week was crazy busy 😀

I know this isn’t FF related, but  I need to share about my amazing weekend.

So a weekend ago in Indiana was GenCon. It is the 4 greatest days in Gaming, in case you didn’t know what it was. Noro and I originally didn’t plan on going, but we were asked by our Local Game Store Owner if we would be willing to help out a friend of his by demo-ing some games at his booth. We talked about it and thought, “Sure, let’s do it.”

I had no idea of what I was getting in to. So we got our schedule and we found that we were working every day from 10am to about 5pm at their booth and we would demo-ing their newest game, Codenames! We get there and meet up with our contact to get our passes and go in. From there everything changed. We learned the game real quick and then before you knew it we were demoing it to people who stopped by the booth. Time started passing by and we had a BLAST!

I never imagined the people I would meet or how much of an impact this experience had on me. We got the chance to meet some pretty awesome people: One of the heads of Wizards of the Coast along with the head developer for Magic: The Gathering [just to name a few].

I wish I could put in to words the experience I had, but it’s really hard to come up with them. It was amazing, life changing, unparallel to anything I’ve done, and such an unforgettable experience. I really hope to get to go back next year and work for such a great company and demo their great games 😀

The balloon monster Sunday morning before it’s untimely demise.


Inside GenCon before the hall was open. Those sweet Exhibitor badges let us in an our early to stroll at our leisure 😀


WarmaHordes statue :D
P3 statue 😀
Wyrd's Life size Mannequin
Wyrd’s Life size Mannequin
The Awesome Wyrd Booth [We weren't working for them, but I'm so proud of their booth this past year! :D]
The Awesome Wyrd Booth [We weren’t working for them, but I’m so proud of their booth this past year! :D]
DR's booth :D We got to meet a bunch of the ST's and Directors along with the creator of DR. He was so awesome to talk with. :D
DR’s booth 😀 We got to meet a bunch of the ST’s and Directors along with the creator of DR. He was so awesome to talk with. 😀
I am stronger :D
I am stronger 😀

From left to right, Noro [Jeremy] Josh, Me [Rebecca], Petr, Paul, and Josh]
From left to right, Noro [Jeremy] Josh, Me [Rebecca], Petr, Paul, and Justin
These guys are amazing 😀 I am so thankful that I got this chance and I look forward to seeing them next GenCon, PopCon or wherever they are 😀

Thank you Czech Games. Thank you Josh. Thank you Paul. Thank you Petr, especially Petr 😀 May the crazy American on your phone be a reminder of the Awesomeness that was GenCon 2015.